Forthcoming Issue

Volume 15 · Number 2 · June 2019



Dancing Queen: Denial and Desire in Golden Era Egyptian Cinema

Mejdulene Shomali

Love, Lebanese Style: Toward an Either/And Analytic Framework of Kinship

Sabiha Allouche

A Crisis of Personal Status: The Lebanese Women’s Movement and Civil Marriage Reform

Nelia Hyndman-Rizk

Before the Battle of Algiers: Women and the National Body in Late Colonial Algeria

Jacob Krais


Femininity, Masculinity, and Sexuality in Morocco and Hollywood: The Negated Sex by Osire Glacier

Katja Žvan Elliot

Disturbing Attachments: Genet, Modern Pederasty, and Queer History by Kadji Amin

Mehammed Amadeus Mack

Global Women, Colonial Ports: Prostitution in the Interwar Middle East by Liat Kozma

Jonathan Wyrtzen

Made in Egypt: Gendered Identity and Aspiration on the Globalized Shop Floor by Leila Zaki Chakravarti

Gülhan Balsoy

Foucault’s Orient: The Conundrum of Cultural Difference, From Tunisia to Japan by Marnia Lazreg

Kathryn Medien

On the Arab-Jew, Palestine, and Other Displacements: Selected Writings of Ella Shohat by Ella Shohat

Danya Al-Saleh

Third Space

Cover Art Concept

Ellen McLarney

“Foreign Funding” Case No. 173/2011: The Implications of State Encroachment on the Feminist Community in Egypt

Reem Awny Abuzaid


Layle Omeran

The Lifting of the Ban on Women Driving in Saudi Arabia

The Long Drive to Prison: The Struggle of Saudi Women Activists

Madawi Al-Rasheed

Covering Women’s Rights, Silencing Suppression: Western News Media and Saudi Female Activists

Amélie Le Renard

The “Right” to Drive for Women in Saudi Villages

Hana Al-Khamri