Forthcoming Issue

Gender Negotiations: Immigration, Religion, Colonialism and National Constitutions

Volume 15 · Number 1 · March 2019

From the New Editorial Team
Sherine Hafez, Soha Bayoumi, Ellen McLarney


Subversive Sisterhood: Gender, Hybridity and Transnationalism in ‘Afifa Karam’s Fatima al-Badawiyya (Fatima the Bedouin)
Elizabeth Claire Saylor

Inadvertent Traditionalism: Orientalism and the Self-Presentations of Polish Jewish Women Immigrants to Israel in the 1950s
Aziza Khazzoom

Interrogating the Constructions of Masculinist Protection and Militarism in the Syrian Constitution of 1973
Rahaf AlDoughli

De-Imperializing Gender: Religious Revivals, Shifting Beliefs, and the Unexpected Trajectory of Laila Lalami’s Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits
Kimberley Wedevan Segall


The Politics of Intimacy and Domesticity

Feminism and Avant-Garde Aesthetics in the Levantine Novel by Kifah Hanna
Renée Michelle Ragin

Last Scene Underground: An Ethnographic Novel of Iran by Roxanne Varzi
Nima Naghibi

A Taste of Home. The Modern Middle Class in Ottoman Beirut by Toufoul Abou-Hodeib
Ellen Fleischmann

Domesticity and Consumer Culture in Iran: Interior Revolutions of the Modern Era by Pamela Karimi
Catherine Sameh

Crossing the Gulf: Love and Family in Migrant Lives by Pardis Mahdavi
Emanuela Buscemi

Everyday Conversions: Islam, Domestic Work, and South Asian Migrant Women in Kuwait by Attiya Ahmad
Claire Beaugrand

Third Space

From the New Editorial Team
Angie Abdelmonem and Susana Galan

Cover Art Concept
Ellen McLarney

Empowering Arab Immigrant Women in Chicago: The Arab Women’s Committee
Rasmea Odeh

When Women Demand Prayer Space: Women in Mosques Campaign in Turkey
Oguz Alyanak