Hanan Hammad – Reviews Editor

Hanan Hammad is associate professor of history and director of Middle East Studies at Texas Christian University. Her primary research focuses on the socioeconomic and socio-cultural developments of the modern Middle East with emphasis on gender and sexuality in Egypt and comparative history of modern Egypt and Iran. Her publications have contributed to the history of masculinity, labor and working classes, leftist movements, prostitution and sexual violence, and cultural interaction between Egypt and Iran in the twentieth century.

She is the author of multi-award winning book Industrial Sexuality: Gender, Urbanization, and Social Transformation in Egypt (UTP, 2016), which offers the first concerted examination of gender and sexuality as intimate aspects of the social transformation associated with the spread of modern industry and rapid urbanization in Egypt. Currently, she works on a new book that employs the life and persona of the Egyptian star Layla Murad (1918- 1995) to analyze politics of sexuality, ethnicity and the socio-cultural interaction between Muslims and Jews of the Arab land in the entertainment industry of the Arab world. It analyzes the crucial role popular culture, cinema and celebrity publications in particular, played in constructing an exclusive Arabo-Islamic Egyptian identity and fastening virginity and sexual purity in the heart of this national gendered identity.