Forthcoming Issue

Volume 13 · Number 2 · July 2017


Beyond Islamic vs. Secular Framing: A Critical Analysis of Reproductive Rights Debates in Turkey
Ana Frank and Ayşe Betül Çelik

A themed section on Gendered and Sexual Mobilities

Anna J. Secor

Threats to Public Order and Health: Mobile Men as Syphilis Vectors in Late Ottoman Medical Discourse and Practice
Seçil Yılmaz

Performers or Prostitutes? Artistes during the French Mandate over Syria and Lebanon, 1921-1946
Camila Pastor de Maria Campos

Class and Habitus in the Formation of Gay Identities, Masculinities, and Respectability in Turkey
Haktan Ural and Fatma Umut Beşpınar

Go Underground, Young Women: Writing Selves in Miral al-Tahawy’s The Tent
Diya Abdo



Love, Theft, and Other Entanglements
, a film by Musayad Alayan
Mona L. Russell

Sexual Violation in Islamic Law: Substance, Evidence, and Procedure by Hina Azam
Elyse Semerdjian

Medicine and Morality in Egypt: Gender and Sexuality in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century by Sherry Sayed Gadelrab
Edna Bonhomme

Muslim Fashion: Contemporary Style Cultures by Reina Lewis
Alec Balasescu


Third Space

Cover Art Concept
Pinar Yoldaş and Banu Gökarıksel

Queer Visual Excavations: Akram Zaatari, Hashem El Madani and the Reframing of History in Lebanon
Gayatri Gopinath

Entering and Remaking Spaces: Young Palestinian Feminists in Jerusalem
Frances S. Hasso