Forthcoming Issue

Themed Issue: Generations

Volume 14 · Number 3 · November 2018

Preface: Generations
Frances Hasso


Pieces of Us: The Intimate as Imperial Archive
Munira Khayyat, Yasmine Khayyat, Rola Khayyat

Redefining Paternal Filiation through DNA Testing: Law and the Children of Unmarried Mothers in the Maghreb
Delfina Serrano Ruano

Muftis in the Matrix: Comparing Online English- and Arabic-Language Fatwas about Emergency Contraception
Lisa L. Wynn and Angel Foster

Review Essays

Feminisms in Tension at the “Feminism in Crisis?” Conference
Ghiwa Sayegh and Yasmin Shafei

Getting to the Party on Time: Revolution, Gender, and Sexuality as Global Historical Problematics
Wilson Chacko Jacob

Global IVF, Infertility, and Emergency Contraception in the Middle East and North Africa
Ellen J. Amster


Dissonant Archives: Contemporary Visual Culture and Contested Narratives in the Middle East edited by Anthony Downey
Rijuta Mehta

Modern Women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Rights, Challenges and Achievements by Hend al-Sudairy
Madawi Al-Rasheed

Composing Egypt:  Reading, Writing, and the Emergence of a Modern Nation, 1870-1930 by Hoda Yousef
Mona L. Russell

The Age of the Efendiyya: Passages to Modernity in National-Colonial Egypt by Lucie Ryzova
Sara Pursley

Nurturing Masculinities: Men, Food and Family in Contemporary Egypt by Nefissa Naguib
Murat C. Yıldız

Third Space

Art Concept
Rola Khayyat, Munira Khayyat, Yasmine Khayyat

Lessons Learned in the Making of a Feminist Bloc
May Makki, Mira Mawla, Islam Khatib, Hanine El Mir, and Sarah Kaddoura

Who Carries the Water: Feminist Reflections on Anatolian Hydroelectric Power Plants, Rivers, and Resistance
Fatma Belkis and İz Öztat

Motherhood, Women and Feminine Cycles: A Room of Our Own Exhibition
Arzu Yayıntaş

Palestinian Midwives on the Frontline
Berit Mortensen

Abortion as a Contested Right in Occupied Palestine
Ayesha AlRifai

Recent News Coverage of Sexual and Reproductive Health in Lebanon
Inas Abdelwahed, Ruba Abla, and Rima Afifi