Review Materials

JMEWS reviews scholarly books and edited volumes of original research with a clear emphasis on the Middle East gender, sexuality, feminist, and women’s studies in the humanities and interpretive social sciences. Translated works of fiction, feature films and documentaries focused on gender and sexuality in the region are also welcome. The “Middle East” is roughly conceived as the area between Iran and Morocco, although JMEWS is also interested in reviewing scholarship informed by transnational theories and research.

JMEWS welcomes books and media for review that are relevant to the thematic and geographic focus of the journal. Publishers should send materials to the JMEWS address listed below. Notices regarding newly published works may also be emailed to the Review Editor Amy Kallander at If you are interested in being considered as a reviewer for the journal, please send a curriculum vitae and a brief description of your areas of interest to the Review Editor.

Franklin Center
Box # 90400
Duke University
Durham NC 27708